Coffee Tumbler Travel Mugs

 **This blog post has  been updated (10/27/2022)

Coffee Tumbler Travel Mugs, we all know we use them like our lives depend on them ! Well we have for you today one of our favorite products from Amazon that we like to think is our " Saving Grace" , the FGA Insulated Tumbler. Rated 4.5 stars, The FGA Insulated Tumbler comes in 3 sizes and each in a set of different colors for your liking. Keep in mind not all colors are available in the different sizes provided. 

First up we have the FGAs Insulated Tumbler 20 oz. Tumblers that come in Ivory, Black, Pink, & Navy Blue. Below we have provided the measurement. 

Second we have FGA's  12 oz. tumblers that also come in the same colors as their 20 oz. tumblers which are Ivory, Black, Pink, & Navy Blue. 

Last but not least we have the FGA's Mug tumbler that comes in a 14 oz. size. Unlike its bigger sized siblings, the mug tumbler only comes in Ivory, Black, & Pink. I was definitely bummed for this one the most, as I enjoy drinking my hot coffee out of a mug. 

The FGA Tumbler is double-walled & vacuum insulated, which keeps your "drinks" hot for up to 4 hours and cold for up to12 hours.

The FGA Tumbler is made from high-quality, food-grade 18/8 stainless steel which is "unbreakable and durable". Electro polished inside doesn't transfer flavor and rust-proof, which provides an elegant look and gives you a hygienic experience. What is "Electro Polishing" you might ask ? Well It is basically reverse plating” process that uses an electrochemical solution to remove the outer skin of a metal part.
link credit goes to ABLE Electropolishing for their knowledge in this field. 

**It is recommended to be hand washed ** I'm talking to you dishwasher folks out there ! 

Of course the lid design is a clear shatter proof slid lid which is BPA free plastic that is non-toxic. Also provides a tight food-grade silicone seal that helps prevents splashing & leakage. (we all know what that is like)

With the holiday just around the corner The FGA Tumbler would be the perfect gift to your loved ones, coworkers, & friends! Even a great birthday gift !


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