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Portable Travel Manuel Espresso Machines

Welcome back to another dose of Ruthie's Coffee Talk, because as much as we were great listeners growing up it is now time to sit back and do the talking. So we  brought you a round of Portable Travel Manuel Espresso Machines .

Lets face when we don't know diddly squiddly about nothing we set ourselves out to find out. So if you did not catch the clue, we knew nothing about portable travel manuel espresso machines and we just had to find out for ourselves and also met some nice folks along the way. 

 The NEO by Flair Espresso - An all manual lever espresso maker. No electricity or coffee pods are needed to   brew,

The NEO, by Flair Espresso - An all manual lever espresso maker only manual espresso maker with a   completely detachable brewing head   makes   for easy clean up. Now with an     upgraded,   stronger base, post and lever!   Made from   durable materials like cast   aluminum and   stainless steel. With a   reservoir tank of 60ml it makes for the   perfect crema shot and no dial in. 

 When asked about their experience, one   client had this to say "120 for a espresso   press is a cheap entry into the world of   espresso. There's other cheaper options   (even electric espresso machines for this price range) but they don't  a good shot." The nice part is you can have it set up in your perfect coffee bar at home!

We want to take you back for second and talk about the WACACO Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine just a bit more than we previously did. Cause we definitely have a few more points.

No battery or electricity required for this fun gadget either! MinipressoWACACO Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine is your best choice to enjoy up to 50 ml of authentic espresso and with 116 psi/ 8 bars which is about an average pressure with a standard water tank of 70 ml. They are now offering a minipresso kit, minipresso case, and cute little barista towels for easy clean ups! 

Not much else to say about the wacaco minipresso except that its half the cost of our previous manual espresso maker we just discussed. So how about them cookies.... that actually sounds good now! 

 Since most Portable travel espresso machines operate on a DIY stage and require you to manually grind your coffee beans. Well this next fun little toy is a coffee pod compatible chamber which means.... you guessed it, no more grinding coffee beans all the time and it makes on the go even easier than you think.

STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine

Lets change gears here for a second and let me throw you a curve ball!

 The Staresso Portable Espresso   Machine,  it is literally the best of both   worlds if you think about it. Lots of other   brands of coffee capsules and ground   coffee can be used directly with   Staresso  portable Espresso   maker. This makes milk foam while   making authentic espresso, isn't that just   crazy?
Available in 2 colors which makes this a classic look and somewhat subtle. The serving cup has a precise scale and   can make 100ml of Espresso and the built-in 15 bar pressure valve can easily meet the requirements of Italian extraction. Another happy customer has said " it is half the cost of a higher end type of manuel espresso maker and it comes out just like the cafe", with easy use and clean up its no wonder this has great reviews.
Lets jump into another gadget that we feel needed to be mentioned because it is probably one of the cheapest products we discuss here. This also has another pod compatible chamber for those who don't like to get.
presto MyJo® Single Cup Coffee Maker
Here we have the Presto MyJo Single Cup Coffee Maker, you're probably wondering  we decided to put this on the list when it clearly does not look messy at all. Well, yes it does make a regular cup of coffee if you  think about it, we couldn't just ditch the old cup a  joe just like that am I right?
But it is also uses a reusable k-cup so you'll be able to   save money on those pesky pods. It is great for traveling around and on the go so you wont really need to think twice about it. 
Okay lets just pretend I didn't just mention a coffee maker, lets get back to it  now. 
We have here a native of California who   has been around since 2005!
The AeroPress   Go  Portable Travel Coffee Press and the best   part about this is  it runs in the French Press family,   brewing both American and espresso styles. Fills up to 3 cups of coffee, perfect for traveling,   easy clean up, & filter replacements for freshness! AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee PressThis model is definitely better than the original,   but then again with age comes beauty which makes this exactly what it is... a thing of beauty!
As much as we love products from around the world we try to always buy local, small business, or made in the USA because nothing is more important than supporting our local and small business economy. 
With that said we appreciate you sitting here reading our nonsense because lets face it when you sit there reading and writing everything sometimes just sounds the same! 
We like all of these Portable Travel Manuel Espresso Makers, simply because they all fall under the a budget friendly category. All items you can find under 125$ which is kind of a steal for a higher end maker, so that means that most of the espresso makers listed run between 35-70$ range. 

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